Careful point:
Do not touch and move piercings with your hands.
Do not change piercing until pierced hole is completed.
It will cause suppuration.
Please be careful so that a pierced earring doesn't catch by clothes.
Completion in a pierced earring hole will be behind schedule.

Please don't drink liquor for 1 week.
It will cause swelling.

Please set to one month later to dye hair.
There is danger which festers by medicine.

Please don't take off your first pierced earring until a pierced earring hole will be completed.
There is danger by which a pierced earring hole is blocked.

Please do not use fashionable earrings until a perforated pierced hole is completed.
It will cause metal allergies.

It takes time for a pierced earring hole to be completed really.
An earlobe is about two months.
A helix is about three months.
tragus and a conch. are about four months.
An industrial is about six months.
If you do care of the pierced hall every day, the pierced hole will not be completed.

Way of care: 2 kinds are used.

* Gel
Be sure to use the gel when the pierce gets wet with water.
A bathroom, face washing, the shower, a sea, a hot spring and a pool.

Use method
When getting wet in the bath, drop the gel back and forth at the base of the pierced earring with a small swab in advance.
When you take a bath, you wash away the gel.

The place difficult to scour wets and wipes up a small cotton swab in water.
When the pierced earrings are soiled with secretions, please wipe the cotton swab gently with wet hot water.
Even if a small amount of it remains, there is no problem.
Please wipe it up gently.
Finally wipe off moisture with a dry cotton swab.
Cleanness is important.

* Isodine for gargles
Isodine (for gargles) doesn't thin and uses an undiluted solution.
Before sleeping in the evening, it lies idle in a cotton swab after I put it on the back-to-front base in a pierced earring hole and dry.
The color of isodine is left, so a cotton swab is damped and wiped up for water in the next morning.

Please continue these 2 kinds until a pierced earring hole will be completed.
When the length festers freely, and doesn't have enough pierced earrings, a change is needed immediately.
Please make a reservation and come.
Festering, and when feeling the pain, a headache medicine is sometimes effective.
Please inquire.
When a clasp comes off before a pierced earring hole will be completed, it's dangerous, so a clasp is being tightened solidly.
If it's necessary to take off the pierced earring, please make a reservation and come.

Is there an incomprehensible point?

* Be sure reservation before coming, please.

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